Wigs, Toupees and Hairpieces

Natural or synthetic hair to cover partial baldness is called a toupee or hairpiece. A wig covers the whole head . When we talk about toupees we generally think of men. Women also use hairpieces to either lengthen or cover thinning hair when a full wig is not needed. Toupees, wigs and hairpieces come in different shapes and sizes. If your hair loss is confined to top and crown of your head, a toupee or hairpiece may be the solution to your problem. A wig may be the solution if you have lost all your hair or it has become very thin. The stigma of losing one’s hair goes back to at least 3100 B.C. so we have a private room for you at Bruce’s Cut & Curl. We understand the sensitive nature of having to remove the hairpiece in public.

Cutting toupees and wigs is not the same as cutting the hair on your head. So don’t try to do this yourself or a friend who says “I cut everyone’s hair in the neighborhood.” Haircuts that are nice on ones hair may look choppy with ends that looks like feathery split ends. Remember when cutting synthetic hair whether it be a full wig or hairpiece that it is not going to grow back. Whether you bought an expensive or cheap hairpiece, you want to look your best. At Bruce’s, Deb will cut your hairpiece while wearing it to help you achieve that tailored look you want.

It is recommended to own t least 2 hairpieces if you wear it on a daily basis. One to wear while the other is being cleaned. Many prefer to have one more as a spare “just in case.. Some even like them at different lengths so people think their hair is growing. Even with the best of care toupees and wigs need a haircut because the ends get frazzled with age. With getting it trimmed may stretch the life span by months. Nothing lasts forever so they must be replaced on a regular basis due to wear time or the areas of balding and/or the remaining hair has changed in color or amount of hair is less.

As always we offer a free consultation which is recommended before you purchase your wig, hairpiece or toupee.