Kids, Teens & Tweens Haircuts in Cleveland, TN

When trying to pick a style for the child’s first haircut keep it simple. To be still for five minutes is a long time for them to sit there especially if they are not familiar with the salon. Bring them with you when your visit will only take a short time. We have a play room so they can get use to us and their surroundings before their first visit. We also have a certificate for the “First Haircut” to be put in their baby book.

Young Boys Haircut Styles

Adventurous boys with understanding parents may want to try a Mohawk. This is surely one of the most famous haircuts. It is named after the Mohawk tribe of Native Americans. Their warriors would frequently shave their heads saving one strip in the middle. This style was said to inspire fear in their enemies. If this is too dramatic you can always get a short haircut and use some gel to make it look like a Mohawk.


Young Girls & Ladies Haircuts & Styling

Young ladies love looking like a Princess with bouncy curls. You can see the twinkle in their eyes when you fix their hair. Keep it simple. They are just beginning to learn how to take care of their hair and Moms need to help them. Pony tails are always a life saver for those busy mornings or a day at the park. Short bobs are another easy style for both to take care of.


Teen & Tween Haircut Styles

Teens are another story. They are still looking for their own unique and sometimes wild look. Some parents may find the style their teen wants is a bit too aggressive. Many teens just want to try it before they enter the adult world. They may want to get it out of their system. Rules are out the window as to what is in style or not.


Teen Men Haircuts

One of the trendy styles for our young men is mid length shag haircut that sways back and forth when moving their head back and forth. Highlighting the shag hairstyle has grown into one of the most trendy haircuts for boys. The other is the man-bun which is another way to wear the pompadour cut.


Teen Ladies Haircut

On the other hand the young ladies are keeping their long locks for those beautiful up-dos at dance and prom dos. Color whether it be highlights, ombre or whatever they can imagine is an option to changing their appearance. They are looking for tousled, touchable look and making it simple. Products that can add volume and crunch-free hold and leaving the hair feeling clean and fresh are on the top of their lists of demands. Products such as Paul Mitchell’s Neon or Invisiblewear product lines to add texture and volume is a must.


Kid’s Haircuts