Hair Extensions

There are many reasons why you may want hair extensions. It is one way to get longer, fuller hair but that is not the only reason to get hair extensions. Maybe you want some highlights only for the summer months but want just your natural hair color for winter. Or perhaps your hair’s integrity cannot withstand another color service at this time. Maybe you want to try some of the new fashion or pop colors. Whatever your reason may be, remember there is the expense of purchasing the hair and having them put in. We will explain three different types of attachment methods; weft, strand by strand and clip-ons. We will give a short description of each but before you buy the hair be sure to come in for your free consultation.

Weft Hair Extensions

Wefts are small pieces of hair sewn together or they can be on tape. These can be either glued in or used in a weave. The glued in method will only stay in for a few days but can easily be removed and reused. In a weave the entire head of hair is first done with corn rows or small braids. Next the wefts are sewn or crocheted to the braids. Of coarse this takes more time but will last for about 3 months. Both of these methods are not good for thin fine hair.

One of the newer methods of application is the tape-in type. It is exactly as it sounds, wefts of hair on single or double sided tape made of polyurethane. This unique type of application can be used in area ordinary extensions can’t, mid-scalp and high on the temples. The wefts lay flat on the head and are virtually undetectable. They are easily removed and new tape tabs can be purchased so the hair can be reused. Only minimal damage done to the hair. Application is fast and should last up to 8 weeks. The cost of the wefts are usually the cost the most because of it’s high quality. It is best not to use silicone or oil based products as it may cause the panels to slip.

Strand by Strand Extensions

There are several ways to attach strand by strand hair extensions; I-tips. links, hot or cold fusion. One way is pulling small sections of your hair through a small bead and clamped shut with a special tool. With hot or cold fusion the hair is tipped with a protein based keratin polymer using a special tool. The hair moves more naturally since they are individual strands which means it takes much more time to complete but may last up to 6 months. This can also be a great way to add some highlights or lowlights to your hair No worry about a retouch! Have some fun and do just some peek-a-boo Pop colors. No one needs to know that you have some purple or whatever color unless you want them to. Some brands the hair is reusable. The quality of hair, the type of attachment and whether it is reusable will determine the cost. It is better to come in for a free consultation without obligation.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-ins are wefts of hair ranging from 1 inch to 8 inch wefts of hair on a clip. It is great for those occasions you wish you had long hair for a day or a night out. They are easy to apply and care for. It is better to remove daily to prevent damaging your own hair.